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Team - Where it can lead

Team Gymnasts will be eligible to participate in competitive and performance opportunities outside of Alberta. Preparation for these events will require additional training commitment, however, many of these opportunities are unique to gymnastics and are well worth the extra effort!

Out of province RG competitions (Regionals, Invitationals)
Open to Team members who train a minimum of 2 days a week. Gymnasts with experience competing at a Provincial level will have the opportunity to compete at larger events with gymnasts from across Canada and the US.

International invitational competitions
Open to Team members who train a minimum of 2 days a week. These are exciting opportunities for gymnasts who want to challenge themselves and strive to fulfill their physical and mental potential. Competitions take place in European venues, often filled to capacity with enthusiastic, cheering, knowledgable fans...a truly unique experience!

National and World Gymnaestrada
Open to all Team members. National and World Gymnaestradas occur once every four years (the next National Gymnaestrada will be in 2014 and the next World Gymnaestrada will be in 2015). Tens of thousands of gymnasts from all over the world attend the 7-day World Gymnaestrada event. It is performance only and gymnasts of all ages and abilities perform in group routines - group sizes range from a minimum of 10 up to 1500 or more! It is a FANTASTIC event, definitely not to be missed!