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World Gymnaestrada 2015

Coach Kristi, as the Head Choreographer for the Alberta North Medley, had the opportunity to travel to Helsinki, Finland for the 2015 World Gymnaestrada.  Here are some photos from her experience there.
Coach Kristi's still got it!
19 to a room in a local school - 250 gymnasts and 6 toilets...surprisingly, we made it work.  The school was close to a quiet beach.
Team Canada welcome party
21,000 participants from 50 countries...the convention centre (Messukeskus) got a little crowded at times!
Getting ready for Opening Ceremonies (in the rain) with medley gymnasts and coaches from Capital City Gymnastics Centre
The medley performed three times during the week.  This is our second performance.  At the end, we pulled spectators on to the floor to come and join us (the theme for our routines was "C'mon join the movement!").  Gymnasts from Canada, the US, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Italy joined us this time.
Large group performances, very popular in Europe.  Photos are Norway, Finland and Switzerland.
A chance to meet up with old friends...Coach Kristi with Kristy from Victoria Rhythmics (one of my gymnasts from when I coached in Victoria in the 90s) and Chattooga Gymnastics from Atlanta, GA.
Trading apparel with gymnasts from other countries
Gymnasts definitely have a crazy sense of humour...this group is from Austria and their routine shows what goes on in a restaurant kitchen when all the chefs aren't watching.  The photos are fuzzy because I was laughing so hard. 
Sneaking a peak at the Closing Ceremonies rehearsal from the Olympic Tower.
Kristi and Emily took a Flow Gymnastics workshop (a style of gymnastics unique to Finland).  It sounded light and effortless, but you can tell from the photo that it was not.
Swiss gymnasts trying to take a few souvenirs during the Closing Ceremonies.
Over 600 Canadian gymnasts, coaches, chaperones and supporters attended the 2015 World Gymnaestrada.  The Team in front of the Cathedral in downtown Helsinki.