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PreTeam is the place for gymnasts who really enjoy rhythmics and who want to master more challenging skills and routines. Members will have the opportunity to travel and perform more often. Gymnasts will learn more advanced rhythmic skills (body and apparatus) which are important for both competition and performance. Specifically, they will:

PreTeam focuses on GROUP gymnastics - group gymnasts have many opportunities to travel, compete and perform provincially, regionally and internationally!

One of our goals on the PreTeam is to develop physical fitness (energy systems, power, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination) and explore mental preparation skills (concentration and visualization techniques, goal-setting).

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PreTeam Commitment

Gymnasts commit to attend two 1.5-hour practises every week. Gymnasts are expected to attend all practises with VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS (as a ‘rule of thumb’ - a gymnast who trains one day a week, should not miss more than one practise per session). If you are sick, please stay home and get better faster. If you must miss a practise, please contact your coach 24 hours in advance so that she can adjust her lesson plan.

Because our focus in PreTeam in on GROUP gymnastics, it is essential that ALL team members attend practise. If one gymnast is missing, it makes it much harder for the rest of the group to practise formations, timing, lifts, exchanges - essentially every aspect of the routine. When a gymnast misses a practise, we often spend at least part or all of the next practise making the same corrections as the previous practise so that all gymnasts are on the same page.

Gymnasts can expect to spend 1-2 years on the PreTeam.  Our focus at this level is on Fundamentals and beginning the Learning to Train process (LTAD). 

What will participants learn in class?

At this level, gymnasts will continue to build fundamental movement skills with greater emphasis on the Learning to Train stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Plan. Gymnasts will focus on overall sport skills development and development of endurance, flexibility and strength.

Gymnasts will learn how to work together in a group. At this stage, gymnasts will also begin to explore the importance of expression in performance.
Work on upper PRISM levels (Green, Blue, Violet)
Learn and practise two GROUP routines (one free-hand and one with apparatus)
Perform at competitions and other events