Rhythmic Gymnastics builds fundamental movement skills that are beneficial for the long-term development of athletes in any sport.

Physical and musical literacy:
Gymnasts develop fitness, strength, balance and flexibility. Gymnasts learn different forms of locomotion and learn proper stretching techniques at an early age. They also work on and develop excellent posture which is important for long-term health. Movement with music encourages gymnasts to find their rhythm and explore different tempos and dynamics.

Hand-eye coordination:
Gymnasts learn different ways to manipulate hand-held apparatus (rolling, throwing and catching, skipping, rotating, bouncing) in a quest to make the movement of the apparatus look like an extension of the body’s movement. Gymnasts learn how to identify mistakes and how to work through possible solutions.

Confidence, discipline and creativity:
Gymnasts progressively learn skills developing a sense of accomplishment and confidence as their abilities grow. Through hard work and intrinsic motivation, gymnasts experience success as they improve and perfect a variety of technical skills. From the start, gymnasts are encouraged to use their imagination to create unique skills and explore different styles of movement with music.

Our focus, as a club, is on group gymnastics.  Athletes participating in groups have opportunities to travel and compete in and outside the province at a variety of levels.  Gymnasts learn to work together and develop a sense of team.  Most importantly, group gymnastics allows coaches and gymnasts to push their creativity to the limit!

All of our classes and programs have adopted RGA's SafeSport policies.
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